Manufacture of Home-kits, Village-kits, Travel-kits and S.F. Mini-kits

Twenty Homoeo remedies comprised in a homeokit is manufactured by the institution under a license from the Govt. of Gujarat. The First Aid booklet accompanying the kit is detailed and easy to follow.

It is available in English, Hindi and Gujarati. The Villagekit is a bigger version of the Homekit containing the same medicines as in the Homekit is available for institutions, village services, etc. A mini-kit, ideal for travelling and offices, is also available and it contains 10 homoe mixtures with a small booklet in English.

Publications Of Books

All Books written by Mataji Narayani and Swami Ananda on Homoeopathy and Spiritual matters are published from Vadodara.

Light of Soham

A magazine published an issued  every six months “Light of Soham” , generally contains spiritual articles by Mataji  Narayani and her Guru’s and articles by Her devoties sharing their experiences and days with her. Articles, successful case histories  and testimonials from our doctors, healers and patients. We also publish articles related to health and healing  with practical knowledge and advice.from eminent writers.

Educational Classes And Camps

Soham Foundation organizes regularly one day class on Home kit education and brief introduction of our vibronic mixtures once every month at our Soham premises.

Camps are organized in different clubs and associations like senior citizen clubs, Lion’s clubs and public and private sector employees groups. Our trained doctors and healers introduce Home kit and its remedies and also explain how to use them.


Soham Foundation runs seven free clinics [ONCE A WEEK] situated in different areas of Vadodara in association with other Trusts or N.G.O.s. And three more free clinics are running at the center. Hundreds of patients from all walks of life get free treatment from qualified doctors and dedicated experienced healers and get relief from their acute and chronic ailments.

In addition to these service activities, Mobile Van renders services in giving free Homoeopathic medical aid to about 40 villages in Vadodara namely in Daboi, Waghodia and Ajwa Nimeta areas. A trained Doctor accompanied with dedicated healers visit these villages and treat the patients with homoeopathic medicines.

We also give training to gram sevaks and provide free village –kits to them to offer free homoeopathic medical services in villages whenever required Soham Foundation has actively worked during all natural calamities like the floods in , and earthquake in 2001, epidemics like plague, Dengue, Malaria . It has provided aids in the form of homeopathic remedies, grains, old clothes and essential allopathic drugs. Regular contributions are also made to working NGO’s.

Recently Soham Foundation distributed CORONA P.homeopathic mixtue prepared with Mataji’s proven combinations, as preventive and as effective treatment in COVID 19 Pandemic.


Satsang takes place every alternate Thursday at the Centre with Bhajans. Recorded Discourses of Mataji are also played. Talks on alternative therapies and discourses are held inviting respected Swamis and eminent speakers.