Soham Foundations

a little story about us

SOHAM FOUNDATION is a Charitable Trust which  was established in 1986.

Pujya Mataji Narayani and Swami Ananda  founded  this trust  The primary objective of the trust was to manufacture and sell  Shivananda  Homeopathic  Home-kits and publish books written by Mataji.

Later in 1992, the trust took over all the activities of it’s sister trust, Soham Sanctuary and started functioning from it’s own center at Vadodara, situated just 5 minutes away from the railway station.

Since 1993, the center is providing free homeopathic medical aid to the people of Vadodara and the surrounding villages through its network of clinics and mobile services.

Publishing of books written by Pujya Mataji and Swami Ananada, manufacturing and marketing of Home-Kits, MiniKits is also undertaken from this premise.

It is a buzzing scene of activities with its dedicated healers, volunteers and doctors.

The trust is managed by a devoted board of trustees and is running in the guidelines set by Pujya Mataji .

Our Mission

Soham Foundation  believes in  Healing the mind and body.
Healing is comparatively easy work as removal of the symptoms of illness, mostly physical and to an extent mental. But we here in Soham practice Shivananda healing as restoration of wholeness.

In order to restore wholeness the physician or the healer needs to be centered in “Nimitta Bhavana” (“I am but an instrument in God’s hands”) and “Narayana Bhavana” (“I am serving the Lord in all”).

With this right “Bhavana,” right  attitude, work doesn’t become mere labour but work becomes Worship. Then the Lord Himself places the right remedy in your hands and it works in strict accordance with His Will. This is the special characteristic  and qualification of ” Shivananda Healing “.